Our Services

Customers of Concept Kitchen & Bath are those who wish to remodel existing kitchens and baths, new construction or commercial spaces. Our design consultants are renovation and new construction specialists. They will work with you to coordinate the entire project and plan a kitchen or bath that suits your tastes and meets your budget. They will also ensure your new kitchen or bath fits perfectly with the existing decor in other parts of your home.

We cater from small to large builders/developers of new homes and condominiums. We work with the builder/developer to setup a win-win relationship including excellent design options and competitive pricing that is justified by superior service. Our upgrade program simplifies the semi-custom designs and we provide the builder with affordable and practical options.

We specialize in full and partial renovations through our licensed and insured building contractor. All contracting work is done by Concept Construction, a partner company CGC1513458.

On Site Professional Consultation

Mas-Cal-Che-Bla-KitThis professional service provides a free consultation with a Concept Kitchen & Bath Specialist on site. This service includes measuring existing structures and discussing basic ideas and design. We will then design a basic floor plan and provide a written estimate. If major design changes or details are required, a design retainer may be required.

New Construction Plans

A Design professional will review your plans free of charge and establish a basic design with an estimate derived from measurements specified within the plans. A Design Specialist will price your plan ‘as is’ with our cabinet manufacturers. This service provides only the estimated cost of the cabinets which includes basic drawings. This service does not include a detailed job description with associated proposal for the entire planned project. A Design retainer may be necessary if changes are requested.